FF Foundation Launches Training Course on Newspapers Layout for staff of Faculty ...

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development started today a training course in the professional newspapers layout at Sana’a University, which will last for a week and held in collaboration with the International Media Support (I.M.S).This training course is targeting the teaching assistants,…

FF Demands Parliament to Quickly Discuss Media Audiovisual Bill & Condemns Attacks ..

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development demanded the Yemeni Parliament to quickly discuss the media audiovisual bill and also condemned attacks on 6 journalists, in addition to two attacks on media headquarters, where these violation cases occurred in the capital Sana’a and in the provinces of Hodeidah, Hajjah, Al-Ghaydah city in Al-Mahrah. Freedom Foundation has been informed by a…


Reporters Without Borders:Two years after Abd Rab Mansour Hadi became president, the situation of freedom of information in Yemen continues to be very worrying, especially as regards violence against media personnel. With the help of reporting by the Freedom Foundation, a Yemeni NGO,…

FF and SANAD Network Strongly Condemn attack On Al-Arabiya’s Crew ...

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development and SANAD network (Network of defenders of media freedom in the Arab World) have strongly condemned the physical attack, defamation, inciting, media coverage prevention of Al-Arabiya TV crew and confiscating the channel’s camera, today morning by the officers and soldiers…

FF Launches 2013 Media Freedom Report, Press Freedom Award And Documentary Film (Pen ... Bullets)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development launched the second annual report of the media freedom 2013, the award for press freedom and the documentary film (Pen ... Pullets) in the presence of the Human Rights Minister, Hooriah Mashoor, the ambassador of the European Union in Yemen Bettina Muscheidt and the Resident…

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FF Launches 2013 Media Freedom Report, Press Freedom Award And Documentary Film (Pen ... Bullets) ffye log FF and SANAD Condemned banning printing (Aden Al-Ghad), Attacking Al-Qu’aiti, Al-Dhale’i, Al-Jahlani and Al-Qadasi And Kidnapping attempt of Al-Mu’allimi’s Son. ffye log

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Freedom Foundation expresses its extreme concern about critical situation of media freedoms in Aden

Sana'a (23 April 2013):

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development expressed its extreme concern about the critical situation facing journalists in the province of Aden, where the areas of the province has often become a dangerous situation for practicing journalism.aden tommorow

 Freedom Foundation stated that the violations affecting journalists of various specializations, orientations and fields in the province of Aden, became a cause for concern and give serious indicators that journalists in Aden became an (easy target) to attack from various parties and groups, which requires to invite all government bodies and political groups to work seriously to provide secure environment for the practice of journalism in the province of Aden and keep journalists away from targeting.

Freedom Foundation: level of risk on Media Freedom in Yemen rose to (orange color), following assassination Attempts of many journalists


Sana'a (22 April 2013):
Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development announced that the level of risk on media freedom in Yemen rose to (orange color), a high level of risk before the red color in the indicator adopted by Freedom Foundation in the classification of danger cases, following the happening  of several assassination attempts for journalists  and direct fire shooting on them during the past few days.


Freedom Foundation strongly condemned the assassination attempt against the journalist, Mansoor Noor, on Wednesday evening in Aden city, where he was shot by unidentified gunmen in Dar Saad district. As a result, he was relieved to the hospital and kept in the intensive care unit. Who was latterly, one of his legs has been amputated due to severe wounds caused by shooting.



ifex: Journalists under attack as thousands of protesters pour into Yemen's street


ifex: Yemeni media face mounting threats as campaign to free journalist intensifies

Freedom Foundation condemns attempt to blow up building of (Yemen Shabab) TV and al-Masdar paper, and accuses security of failing to protect media

Sana’a (Wednesday, April 17, 2013):


Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development strongly condemned the attempt to blow up the building, which includes the headquarters of (Yemen Shabab) TV and al-Masdar media establishment, on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

The monitoring unit in Freedom Foundation received a report from (Yemen Shabab) TV and al-Masdar newspaper, confirming that the explosive device is weighing about 400 grams and placed in the window of building stairs in the 3rd floor, between the headquarters of al-Masdar newspaper and 


(Yemen Shabab TV), 

 located in a street branching from Rabat Street in Sana'a, on the West 60th. Street.
Freedom Foundation launched an international advocacy campaign to call for free journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye

 Sana’a 13 April 2013:

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen, launched aninternational campaign to call on the release of Yemeni journalist, Abdulelah Haider Shaye, whodetained in the political security prison on August 16, 2010 until now. The slogan of this campaign is(Free journalist, Abdulelah Haider Shaeye).

sheaaThe campaign includes the following:

- Million signature campaign in a message to U.S. President, Barack Obama and Yemeni President,Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, in an international campaigns website, Avaaz.
- Sending messages directly to both presidents of Yemen and U.S.  through official canals. 
- Organizing a large protest in front of the prime minister office next Tuesday.

Therefore, all journalists and media colleagues, lawyers, human rights activists, media students andcivil society organizations, are kindly requested to actively contribute to the success of this international campaign through the following:
- Attending physically the protest at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16.
- Signing an advocacy petition in the million signatures campaign in the follow web link of international campaigns website, Avaaz:

Press here

Freedom Foundation organizes an advocacy protest off cabinet demanding free for journalist Shaye

Sana’a / April 16, 2013:

 Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development organized today an advocacy protest in front of Yemeni cabinet, demanding freedom for 

Yemeni journalist, Abdulelah Haidar Shaye, who detained since 16 August 2010. It was attended by a large crowd of journalists , human rights activists and supporters of Shaye’s case, as well as supporters of the campaign of Freedom Foundation calling for release him. 

The demonstrators raised banners demanding the quick release for Shaye, and carried Shaye’s pictures and demanded both Yemeni and U.S. governments to stop Shaye’s suffering by immediate releasing him, especially that he had detained for more than 32 months so far.


Freedom Foundation condemns 5 cases of violations within a week targeted 8 journalists

Sana’a (Friday, April 12, 2013):

 Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned occurrence of 5 cases of violations against media freedom in Yemen and affected 8 journalists this week in Aden, Sana'a and Al-Jawf. Some of violations amounted to the physical assault and murder threat.

Freedom Foundation have known from its representative in Aden that the editor-in-chief of (Aden Online) Abdul-Rakeeb was subjected to pursue and threats of imprisonment and murder last Monday, by the security of Sirah directorate in Aden city, and under directions of the public prosecution. It also received a communication that editor-in-chief of (al-Ola Newspaper) in Sana'a, Mohammed Ayesh, was subjected to threats of murder and cutting of his hand and tongue via phone messages from several unidentified parties.






CPJ:Journalists attacked, threatened amid Yemen protests







CPJ: In Yemen, journalists face threats from all directions



I.P.I:Bomb attack targets Yemen TV outlets



ifex: Bomb attack targets Yemeni TV outlets

CPJ: Separate attacks injure 5 Yemeni journalists, relatives



CPJ: Yemeni journalist given jail term for reporting on corruption

FF concludes photojournalism training course for 40 participants in partnership with Canada Fund

Sana’a  (Monday, 8 April 2013):

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development concluded today (Monday) a training course in photojournalism,

 for about 40 participants of photojournalists from public and independent newspapers as well as from students  of journalism faculties of Sana’a University and University of Science and Technology.

 At the end of this training course, which lasted for three days, certificates were given to the participants after reviewing photos taken by participants in the practical part of the course in accordance with professional and technical rules and standards of photojournalism, as a practice for theoretical training and information the trainees received about photojournalism.

FF launches photojournalism training course in collaboration with Canada Fund

Sana'a  (Saturday, 6 April 2013):

 Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development launched the training course of ( Photojournalism) for 40 participants 

of photographers from public and independent newspapers as well as from students  of journalism faculties of Sana’a University and University of Science and Technology .

The training course, which lasts for three days, being a part of the project of Media Training Development, in collboration with the Canada Fund for local initiatives and it represents the first of partnership with Canada Fund to develop the media training  in Yemen.

Freedom Foundation condemns prison sentence on Ashour in Sayun and attack on Maher in Aden

Sana’a (Wednesday, April 3, 2013):

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned and deeply regretted the sentence against the journalist Husam Hassan Ashour, who is working as a news editor and programs director at Sayun Radio and freelance correspondence for NewsYemen website. It also condemned the physical attack on the journalist, Maher Derhem who works for the newspaper and News Website (Aden al-Ghad) in Aden city by security forces. 
Freedom Foundation informed by its reporter in Hadhramout that a suspended sentence against journalist, Husam Ashour for 3 months in prison and pay a fine of 300 thousand Yemeni Riyals (about $ 1,400) as the court convicted him on publishing corruption behavior on public figure. 


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