FF Foundation Launches Training Course on Newspapers Layout for staff of Faculty ...

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development started today a training course in the professional newspapers layout at Sana’a University, which will last for a week and held in collaboration with the International Media Support (I.M.S).This training course is targeting the teaching assistants,…

FF Demands Parliament to Quickly Discuss Media Audiovisual Bill & Condemns Attacks ..

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development demanded the Yemeni Parliament to quickly discuss the media audiovisual bill and also condemned attacks on 6 journalists, in addition to two attacks on media headquarters, where these violation cases occurred in the capital Sana’a and in the provinces of Hodeidah, Hajjah, Al-Ghaydah city in Al-Mahrah. Freedom Foundation has been informed by a…


Reporters Without Borders:Two years after Abd Rab Mansour Hadi became president, the situation of freedom of information in Yemen continues to be very worrying, especially as regards violence against media personnel. With the help of reporting by the Freedom Foundation, a Yemeni NGO,…

FF and SANAD Network Strongly Condemn attack On Al-Arabiya’s Crew ...

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development and SANAD network (Network of defenders of media freedom in the Arab World) have strongly condemned the physical attack, defamation, inciting, media coverage prevention of Al-Arabiya TV crew and confiscating the channel’s camera, today morning by the officers and soldiers…

FF Launches 2013 Media Freedom Report, Press Freedom Award And Documentary Film (Pen ... Bullets)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development launched the second annual report of the media freedom 2013, the award for press freedom and the documentary film (Pen ... Pullets) in the presence of the Human Rights Minister, Hooriah Mashoor, the ambassador of the European Union in Yemen Bettina Muscheidt and the Resident…

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FF Launches 2013 Media Freedom Report, Press Freedom Award And Documentary Film (Pen ... Bullets) ffye log FF and SANAD Condemned banning printing (Aden Al-Ghad), Attacking Al-Qu’aiti, Al-Dhale’i, Al-Jahlani and Al-Qadasi And Kidnapping attempt of Al-Mu’allimi’s Son. ffye log

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Canada CJFE Letter of Support for Khaled Al-Hammadi


President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi

February 1, 2013


I am writing on behalf of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE), a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect press freedom and freedom of expression around the world.


CJFE is very concerned about an article admonishing veteran journalist Khaled al-Hammadi published on the website of Yemen’s Ministry of Defense on January 8, 2013, and then reprinted in a number of government-supported newspapers and websites.

The Ministry’s article was issued following al-Hammadi’s piece in the London-based daily Al-Quds Alarabi observing the appointment of President Hadi’s family members to 180 military positions. CJFE upholds the Ministry’s right to respond to al-Hammadi’s piece, but also defends his right to free expression without risking negative repercussions.

Indeed, al-Hammadi has reported that he appears to have been placed under surveillance by military personnel and because of well-placed fears for his safety has had to resort to security measures to protect himself.

Freedom Foundation condemns the attack on the director of Yemen Digital Media and other journalists


Sana’a: 27 January 2013

 Freedom Foundation for media Freedom, rights and development   condemned  the attack on the

 director of Yemen digital media company for media production, Taha al-Maamari and the cameraman of Alhurra  TV, Mohammed Eidhah and 2 other cameramen; Yasser al-Mufreh and Baher Eidhah by soldiers of the First Armored Division, who shoot around them and forcibly led Taha al-Maamari to a store near the place, where the soldiers have severely beaten him.



Freedom Foundation condemns attack on AlJazeera Mubasher crew


 Sana’a (21/01/2013)


Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned the attack on the crew of AlJazeera Mubasher (Live) TV in Yemen and has destroyed some parts of the live-broadcasting (SNG) car in Dhamar city, while the crew was on live transmitting.

 In a reporting to Freedom Foundation, the correspondent of Al-Jazeera Live, Mohammed al-Qadhi clarified that while Al-Jazeera-Live crew were making a live broadcasting in the main street in the center of the city of Dhamar, a large number of people gathered around them to participate in the talking to the TV crew about their living conditions.

Defense Ministry Statement Against AL-HAMMADI

 An official military source refutes allegations of al-Hammadi in Alquds Alarabi newspaper

Tuesday, January 08 - 2013 at 08 P.M. (26 September Net) the mouth piece of the defense ministry:

Tuesday, January 08 - January 2013 at 08 P.M. (26 Sptember Net):

 An official military source has denounced what came in the article of Alquds Alarabi newspaper  published on Sunday 6 - January 2013 by Khaled al-Hammadi, the correspondent of Alquds Alarabi , in which he  tried to minimize the importance of the strong effort of the president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to bring Yemen out of its crisis and  restore cohesion and national unity of the armed forces on a national basis.

Read more..

DCMF condemns government campaign against journalist in Yemen

 DCMF has condemned the personal campaign launched by the Yemeni government against president of the Freedom Foundation, Khaled Al-Hammadi.

Thu, 10/01/2013

Khaled al-hammadi photo


Khaled Al-Hammadi, who said that the government's actions indicate a worrying future for press freedom in Yemen

 Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) has joined Freedom Foundation (FF) for Media Freedom, Rights and Development in Yemen in condemning an ongoing campaign launched by the Ministry of Defence against the foundation’s president, Khaled Al-Hammadi.

Freedom Foundation's head is in danger as defense ministry launched fierce campaign of incitement against him


Sanaa (8 January 2013):

Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedoms, rights and development in Yemen denounced the campaign of fierce incitement launched by the Yemeni ministry of defense

against its president the journalist Khaled al-Hammadi, a correspondent of the London based ban Arab newspaper (Al Quds Alarabi) in Yemen, on the background of his publishing an article in this newspaper last Monday on (fears of politicians regarding transferring power in Yemen to a family rule).
Freedom Foundation condemns al-Samei and al-Samawi trail and al-Aghbari suing

Sana’a (8/01/2013)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and developments condemned the trail of the media workers who are working in al-Saeedah TV channel, Sami al-Samei  and Ridhwan al-Samawi  because 

 of their report in the TV show (Week Echo) presented earlier by al-Saeedah TV.

As well as, Freedom Foundation condemned lawsuit filed against outspoken journalist Samia al-Aghbari and previous incitement by extremists because of expressing her political opinions.

Freedom Foundation condemns the assault on Sabr, Al-Hattami, Al-Zuraiki and threat to Al-Saeed


Sana’a (5/1/ 2013):


Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedom, rights and development condemned the stick-beating assault on the journalist, Sabr and confiscating his mobile phone and camera and detaining him for more than 5 hours in the Shumailah police station in Sana'a. 

Meanwhile, FF condemned the attack on Suhail TV correspondent, Abdul Hafeez A-Hattami and Al-Olaa newspaper reporter Bassam Al-Zuraiki, in Hodeida governorate bythugs belonging to influential personals in Bajel one of Hodeida directorates.

As well as, Freedom Foundation condemned the threat to the Sudanese journalist, living in Yemen,  Adel Al-Saeed by unidentified people via a phone call with number kept by the Freedom Foundation.

Freedom Foundation condemns bomb throwing on the house of journalist, Khaled Al-Qarini in Amran

January 2, 2013:

Freedom foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned the grenade attack on the house of  journalist Khaled Al-Qarini, the senior editor at the weekly newspaper (26 September).This attack is carried out by unknown elements in the early morning of Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

26sep net

The Freedom Foundation received a report from the newspaper (26 September) confirming that the incident caused a harsh explosion and major damage in the house of Khaled Al-Qarini, senior editor of the newspaper. The blast led to fear and horror among children and women in the home and neighboring houses, but no causalities were recorded.
Freedom Foundation condemns threats to journalist, Rashad Al-Sharabi by Mareb MP

Sana'a (27,Dec.,2012)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemns threats to journalist 

Rashad Al-Sharabi by a member of the parliament Sheikh Jeabel Tuaiman, representative of one constituency in Mareb province, against the background of  articles published by Al-Sharabi in some Yemeni newspapers and websites in which he criticized the negatives of behavior at school running by Tuaiman family members in his tribal area in Mareb.  
Freedom Foundation Concludes Advanced Training Course Of Professional TV Filming And Editing In Sana'a

Sana'a (27 December,2012)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development concludes today the advanced training course of 

TV professional filming and editing for 20 participants from 11 state-owned and private TV channels in Yemen and which last for one week.

The course is organized in collaboration with the public affairs section at the US Embassy in Sana'a and attracted the significant attention and interaction of participants.


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