FF head is in danger as defense ministry launched fierce campaign of incitement

    Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedoms, rights and development in Yemen denounced the campaign of fierce incitement launched by the Yemeni ministry of defense against its president the journalist Khaled al-Hammadi, a correspondent of the London based ban Arab newspaper (Al Quds Alarabi) in Yemen, on the…

FF condemns the assault on Sabr, Al-Hattami and Al-Zuraiki

Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedom, rights and development condemned the stick-beating assault on the journalist, Sabr and confiscating his mobile phone and camera and detaining him for more than 5 hours in the Shumailah police station in Sana'a. Meanwhile, FF condemned the attack on Suhail TV correspondent, Abdul Hafeez A-Hattami and Al-Olaa newspaper reporter Bassam Al-Zuraiki, in Hodeida governorate…

FF condemns bomb throwing on the house of journalist, Khaled Al-Qarini

Freedom foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned the grenade attack on the house of  journalist Khaled Al-Qarini, the senior editor at the weekly newspaper (26 September).This attack is carried out by unknown elements in the early morning of Tuesday, January 1, 2013. The Freedom Foundation received a report from…

FF Concludes Advanced Training Course Of Professional TV Filming And Editing

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development concludes today the advanced training course of TV professional filming and editing for 20 participants from 11 state-owned and private TV channels in Yemen and it lasts for one week. The course is organized in collaboration with the public affairs section at the US Embassy in Sana'a and attracted…

FF Condemns The Robbery of Alwahdawi's Newspaper Headquarter

The Freedom Foundation for Media Freedom, Rights and development Strongly Condemns the armed robbery by the unknown gunmen on the newspaper' HQ in Sixteen Street  and  looting its equipments and electronic archive on Friday 21,12,2012. The Freedom |Foundation has received News paper's statement confirming that unidentified gunmen have broken into the newspaper's headquarter located…

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What is the priority of media development and training in Yemen?

Freedom Foundation Launches Advanced Training Course of Professional TV Filming and Editing for 20 Participants Form 11 TV channels


Sana'a (22 December ,2012) 

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development launched today the Advanced Training Course 

of Professional TV Filming and Edition for 20 participants from 11 state-owned and private TV channels in Yemen.

 The course, which lasts for one week, is organized in collaboration with the Public affairs section at the US Embassy in Sana'a, where two Egyptian trainers who are professionally specialized in TV Filming and Editing and in Media Training too will deliver the training.


 Freedom Foundation president, the Journalist, Mr. Khaled Al-Hammadi said at the opening session of the course on Saturday morning that the course of TV Filming and Editing comes within the program of media development in Yemen which Freedom Foundation is seeking to implement it through a series of practical and professional training courses by qualified media experts and trainers from outside Yemen.

"This course comes within the FF efforts to develop media performance professionally, technically and in format and content" Al-Hammadi said.

He explained that these training courses will be delivered by Mr. Mohamed Abdelraouf Al-Najjar, who is specialized trainer in TV filming and Mr. Ahmed Samir Gobba, the specialized trainer in TV Editing.

 He confirmed that  Freedom Foundation always attempt to choose trainers with competence and experience in media training and practice in different fields and specializations so as to guarantee  theoretical and practical training for trainees to make a quantum leap in their performance. 

The TV Editing trainer Mr. Ahmed Samir Jobba clarified that he will focus on both technical and professional sides in TV Editing Training, but he will focus more on professional side, because it is most important in this area, and because of the different and multiple TV editing softwares.

 He mentioned that TV Editing technically is a science of itself, where it tells the story logically through image series and regulates the relationship between directing and editing.

 The TV Filming trainer Mohammed Abdelraouf Al Najjar pointed out  that he has graduated from the higher Institute of cinema in Egypt and produced a lot of TV works and documentaries for the famous regional and international TV channels, like Aljazeera International (English) and Aljazeera Arabic channel, BBC channel ,Alarabiya channel and others, and that he combines scientific and practical background that qualify him to be a trainer of  TV filming so as to transfer what he had got from the experience to new generation of TV cameramen.



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