Freedom Foundation condemns attack on AlJazeera Mubasher crew

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned the attack on the crew of AlJazeera Mubasher (Live) TV in Yemen and has destroyed some parts of the live-broadcasting (SNG) car in Dhamar city, while the crew was on live transmitting. In a reporting to Freedom Foundation, the correspondent of Al-Jazeera Live, Mohammed al-Qadhi clarified that while Al-Jazeera-Live crew were…

FF head is in danger as defense ministry launched fierce campaign of incitement

    Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedoms, rights and development in Yemen denounced the campaign of fierce incitement launched by the Yemeni ministry of defense against its president the journalist Khaled al-Hammadi, a correspondent of the London based ban Arab newspaper (Al Quds Alarabi) in Yemen, on the…

FF condemns the assault on Sabr, Al-Hattami and Al-Zuraiki

Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedom, rights and development condemned the stick-beating assault on the journalist, Sabr and confiscating his mobile phone and camera and detaining him for more than 5 hours in the Shumailah police station in Sana'a. Meanwhile, FF condemned the attack on Suhail TV correspondent, Abdul Hafeez A-Hattami and Al-Olaa newspaper reporter Bassam Al-Zuraiki, in Hodeida governorate…

FF condemns bomb throwing on the house of journalist, Khaled Al-Qarini

Freedom foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemned the grenade attack on the house of  journalist Khaled Al-Qarini, the senior editor at the weekly newspaper (26 September).This attack is carried out by unknown elements in the early morning of Tuesday, January 1, 2013. The Freedom Foundation received a report from…

FF Concludes Advanced Training Course Of Professional TV Filming And Editing

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development concludes today the advanced training course of TV professional filming and editing for 20 participants from 11 state-owned and private TV channels in Yemen and it lasts for one week. The course is organized in collaboration with the public affairs section at the US Embassy in Sana'a and attracted…

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What is the priority of media development and training in Yemen?

Freedom Foundation condemns threats to journalist, Rashad Al-Sharabi by Mareb MP

Sana'a (27,Dec.,2012)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemns threats to journalist 

Rashad Al-Sharabi by a member of the parliament Sheikh Jeabel Tuaiman, representative of one constituency in Mareb province, against the background of  articles published by Al-Sharabi in some Yemeni newspapers and websites in which he criticized the negatives of behavior at school running by Tuaiman family members in his tribal area in Mareb.  

Al-Sharabi has clarified in a statement to Freedom Foundation that he has received consecutive calls on Wednesday night (26, Dec., 2012) from the MP Sheikh Jeabel Tuaiman demanding  him to submit documents related to what he had published, regarding the subject of some women teachers abused from Tuaiman daughters in Mareb province. 
Al-Sharabi confirmed that he had received a discipline threat with insulting words from Tuaiman if Al-Sharabi don't apologize for him in public.
Freedom Foundation condemns these threats and considers it irresponsible behaviors by a social figure who is supposed to ensure the protection of rights and provide an example in dealing with the press, it  also considers such threats an abuse of media freedoms in Yemen and an attempt to silence the voice of the press, subjecting
journalists to self-censorship and forcing them to abandon their role in transiting the truth and expressing the concerns and aspirations of the citizens.
Freedom Foundation demanding the Interior Ministry and the concerned authorities to stand in front of such illegal incidents and protect journalists from any danger threatening and hurting them or any of their relatives.

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