FF Foundation Launches Training Course on Newspapers Layout for staff of Faculty ...

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development started today a training course in the professional newspapers layout at Sana’a University, which will last for a week and held in collaboration with the International Media Support (I.M.S).This training course is targeting the teaching assistants,…

FF Demands Parliament to Quickly Discuss Media Audiovisual Bill & Condemns Attacks ..

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development demanded the Yemeni Parliament to quickly discuss the media audiovisual bill and also condemned attacks on 6 journalists, in addition to two attacks on media headquarters, where these violation cases occurred in the capital Sana’a and in the provinces of Hodeidah, Hajjah, Al-Ghaydah city in Al-Mahrah. Freedom Foundation has been informed by a…


Reporters Without Borders:Two years after Abd Rab Mansour Hadi became president, the situation of freedom of information in Yemen continues to be very worrying, especially as regards violence against media personnel. With the help of reporting by the Freedom Foundation, a Yemeni NGO,…

FF and SANAD Network Strongly Condemn attack On Al-Arabiya’s Crew ...

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development and SANAD network (Network of defenders of media freedom in the Arab World) have strongly condemned the physical attack, defamation, inciting, media coverage prevention of Al-Arabiya TV crew and confiscating the channel’s camera, today morning by the officers and soldiers…

FF Launches 2013 Media Freedom Report, Press Freedom Award And Documentary Film (Pen ... Bullets)

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development launched the second annual report of the media freedom 2013, the award for press freedom and the documentary film (Pen ... Pullets) in the presence of the Human Rights Minister, Hooriah Mashoor, the ambassador of the European Union in Yemen Bettina Muscheidt and the Resident…

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FF Holds Symposium on (Intellectual Property Rights of Media) In Collaboration With Culture Ministry ffye log FF Launches Training Course on Newspapers Layout for staff of Faculty of Mass Communication at Sana’a University ffye log

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Freedom Foundation launches project of (Media Freedom: Monitoring and Advocacy), which lasts for 2 years with European Union Funding


Sana’a (March 25, 2013):

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development launched today the project of (Media Freedom: Monitoring and Advocacy) in the capital Sana’a, which lasts two years, with the funding of the European Union mission in Yemen.
At the inauguration ceremony, the President of Freedom Foundation, the journalist, Khaled al-Hammadi described the project and said "the goal of project is to monitor and document violations, provide legal support and advocacy to journalists and support media freedom professionally and legally". He explained that the project includes 7 training courses in the field of monitoring and documentation of media violations, and advocacy, in the field of professional safety, as well as in the field of media development. 

He announced that the Freedom Foundation will begin implementing the first training course in the framework of this project tomorrow on Tuesday in the area of monitoring, documentation and advocacy as well as  professional safety .This three-day training by the expert and international trainer Susanna Inkinen, includes 25 trainees from 17 provinces, and came after a determined effort to communicate with outside organizations to recommend international experts and trainers in this area and others specializations so as to promote media performance and development.
He pointed out that Freedom Foundation was the first ever organization having Hotline for reporting violations against media freedoms in Yemen.
From other hand, the head of EU delegation in Sana’a, the ambassador Bettina Muscheidt said that the media plays an important role and is not independent in the areas where there is conflict of loyalties, and governments are seeking in those countries to the media controlling, which is an obstacle to contribute to building communities.
She explained that the curb of media freedoms will only further disintegration and fragmentation, and here we must protect press freedoms, especially in fragile communities, because it is an important engine of economic growth. Referring to the risk of curbing the media and that it leads to more pressure on those communities.

 Stressing that in order to be more legitimate, governments have to allow more media freedoms and give more space. 
She urged the need to counter the threats peacefully; the pressure on the media would lead to more tension. Events and history proves that the dealing of democratic regimes leads to balance through parliaments, judiciary and media.
The European ambassador stressed the importance of free and professional media to Yemen, because Yemen is at a critical stage and at the crossroads of history, and because of the media's role in allowing the flow of ideas and information that promote comprehensive national dialogue.

 She said, although the media may sometimes be annoying, but it plays an important and active role in building effective institutions and stand in the face of violence.

The deputy of chairman of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, the journalist Saeed Thabet referred to concern and fears of Yemeni media workers about the freedom of the press, especially since the new authority has not provided any initiative or showed goodwill towards ensuring freedom of the press and deal with it.

He proved it by saying "The journalist Abdul Elah Haider Shaye’ is still in prison, and has not been released". 
Saeed Thabet praised the efforts of Freedom Foundation and the support it is enjoying. It has had an active presence during the past year. He also expressed his thanks to the European Union, expressing the hope that Freedom Foundation issues its report about media freedom for this year, in which every day passes, a violation of media freedom occurs. And monitoring and documentation of theses violation helps to reduce it.

He demanded the security authorities to stop violations or exposure to media freedoms and apply the law and said, "What we want is the enforcement of the law".  
From her part, the trainer of the course (monitoring and advocacy) Susanna Inkinen from IMS organization, said that this training course comes in the context of promoting awareness of the monitoring and documentation of violations against journalists and promoting  professional safety for them.
She emphasized the importance of media freedom and it is very vital to promote community participation. And is also important in the context of the national dialogue and for democracy and sustainable development. She hoped to establish a network for protection of journalists in Yemen.

This training course comes in the framework of the project (Media Freedom: Monitoring and Advocacy), which is one of the important projects implemented by the Freedom Foundation over the next two years.




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