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FF condemns one-year imprisonment sentence against Journalist
5 June 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedoms, rights and development (FF) has expressed its deep concern about one-year imprisonment sentence against a reporter of Al-Masdar Newspaper, Majed Karot in a hearing that he was not informed about.

Karot said he was astonished when he knew that a court was holding a hearing on him, pointing out that he went to the court and found out that the judge had issued an imprisonment sentence against him.

Al-Baidha Court issued on June 4th one- year imprisonment sentence against Karot and he was fined YR 200,000 ($ 930) on charges of publishing criticisms and corruption accusations against an official of Al-Baidha local authorities on his Facebook account.

Karot appealed to the court, expressing his astonishment as the court dealt with his case and stressing that there was a great deal of uncertainty about his case in the court's procedures. 

Yemeni journalists and media practitioners denounced the sentence, expressing their sympathy with Karot, and demanded the appeal court to revoke the sentence that they described as politically-motivated.

They further called the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate and all journalists to stand against this sentence and other abuses committed against journalists.


Meanwhile, the Revolution Youth Forum of Al-Baidha governorate also denounced the rule, dubbing it as illegal.

FF for media freedom and rights affirms that the issue of sentences against journalists contradict s international standards of media freedom and Yemen's commitments to the end of journalist prosecution and imprisonment penalties.

Prosecution of journalists constrains media freedoms and affects on the justice system that should be independent from the executive branch and away from political disputes.

FF further demands the government to commit to its pledges and calls the civil society and all the concerned authorities to stand against illegal sentences issued against journalists.


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