What is the priority of media development and training in Yemen?

Freedom Foundation issued biannual report on Press Freedom in Yemen
Sana'a, 1 July 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen issued its biannual report on the Press Freedom situation in Yemen (January - June 2012) today in Sana'a.

This report covers the first half of this year 2012 with clear image of press freedom situation and accurate figures of monitored violations committed on media freedom and freedom of expression by different parties in Yemen, in which Freedom Foundation registered 126 violation cases in different levels targeted 267 victims of journalists and media.

FF condemns attack on Munassar & express its concern about prosecutions
Sana’a 29 June 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development (FF) has condemned the attack on the bureau chief of Al-Arabeya TV in  Sana'a, Hamoud Munassar, who was attacked by a university professor at the campus of Sana'a University last Thursday while he was preparing a TV report.

It further expresses concerns about the investigation orders of the Attorney-General against Yemen Today Newspaper, Braqish Net and Marib Press on ground of publishing articles about the presidential mosque event occurred last year.

It denounced the directions of the Attorney-General Ali Al-Awash who directed the Press and Print Court  last Tuesday to investigate these media outlets on charges of violating a publication ban.

FF denounces attack on journalist of Marib Press
23 June 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedoms, rights and development (FF) has condemned an attack on Marib Press's journalist, Mohammad al-Hodaifi, pointing out that he was threatened as he was covering a demonstration in Taiz on June 23.

FF further voiced deep concerns about the Press and Publication Court's call to the editor-in-chief of Marib Press Mohammad Al-Salhi on charges of publication case that is considered one out of four cases filed against Marib Press, an online newspaper.

FF condemns one-year imprisonment sentence against Journalist
5 June 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedoms, rights and development (FF) has expressed its deep concern about one-year imprisonment sentence against a reporter of Al-Masdar Newspaper, Majed Karot in a hearing that he was not informed about.

Karot said he was astonished when he knew that a court was holding a hearing on him, pointing out that he went to the court and found out that the judge had issued an imprisonment sentence against him.

Al-Baidha Court issued on June 4th one- year imprisonment sentence against Karot and he was fined YR 200,000 ($ 930) on charges of publishing criticisms and corruption accusations against an official of Al-Baidha local authorities on his Facebook account.

22 May 2012
Republic of Yemen - Sanaa
Paris, 21 May 2012

Dear President Hadi,

Reporters Without Borders, an international organization that defends freedom of information, wishes to inform you of its concerns over the proposed law on private radio and television broadcasting and electronic media, which is due for debate in the near future.

Indeed, several clauses in the bill are at odds with the Yemeni constitution as well as international undertakings signed and ratified by your country.

Participants rejected the bill as it is a repressive legislation

Yemen : Freedom Foundation organizes seminar on the audiovisual bill

Sana'a 20 May 2012

Freedom foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen organizes a seminar to discuss the Audiovisual Bill of Yemen, participated by elite of lawyers and senior journalists and media men from broadcasting media, and former journalists' chairman.

The participants of this seminar rejected the audiovisual bill entirely and demanded stopping discussing it, since it is very bad and made a lot of restrictions on media freedom and not responded to the demands of the recent situation.

The panel confirmed that this draft written during the past repressive government to control media freedom and to stop any investment in the broadcasting media, and they called on changing the constitution before drawing new media law.

Yemen: Freedom Foundation expresses its deep concern over the trial of AlJazeera TV correspondents
Sanaa, May 14, 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development expresses its deep concern over the trial of AlJazeera TV correspondents in Yemen, Ahmed Al-Shalafi and Hamdi Al-Bokari, because
of their professional working in media.

The Freedom Foundation considered the trial of AlShalafi and Al-Bokari as political issue as its invalidity of the proceedings adopted by the Court, after the withdrawal of the case by Ministry of Information  which filed it against them, because the continuation of AlJazeera correspondents to their work during the period of revolution last year.

Freedom Foundation launches a campaign to postpone discussion of broadcasting media bill and calls for more freedom law

Sunday, May 13, 2012 :

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen launched yesterday a campaign to stop discussion of the TV, Radio and  Internet bill, which the 

transitional Government plans to discuss it during the next sessions this month, in which this bill was drafted and rejected during the previous government since it is contains a lot of restrictions on media freedoms .


Freedom Foundation sent a message to the Prime Minister Mohamed Salem Basendwah and to the Minister of Information Ali Alamrani, call on them to postpone the discussion of the bill of broadcasting media, in order to review it and advance its articles to grantee more media freedoms, to accommodate political developments and commensurate with the requirements of the current situation, before it is referred for discussion in the cabinet and then in the House of Representatives .


The broadcasting media bill, which consisted of 77 articles, received strong objections when presented by the former Minister of Information Hassan Allawzi in 2010 to the former government, who had sent it to a ministerial committee for review, as it puts many restrictions and requirements are numerous and imposing high tariffs.


Freedom Foundation calls upon new bill to the broadcasting media to ensure rights to a wider media freedoms, and the involvement of all parties in writing it involve media experts, media freedom organizations,  university professors, law makers, human rights organizations and media organizations, in collaboration with experts from local and international partners.

On World Press Day, Freedom Foundation demands to end bans on newspapers, release journalists

  Sana’a, 03 May 2012:


Under the banner of  (Journalism: Right, Freedom and Responsibility), Freedom Foundation marked on Thursday the World Press Day, demanding the Yemeni authorities to end ban on Al-Ayyam Newspapers, release the journalist Abdul-Elah Haidar, give a higher ceiling of freedoms and end the state monopoly of radio and TV broadcasting.


Freedom Foundation takes this opportunity to spotlight on sacrifices made by Yemeni journalists and risks they continuously  face, demanding the authorities to respect their commitment toward media freedom and protect journalists.

"The Yemeni journalists have become the spearhead of the change and they are subjected to violations and pay high prices for the sake of freedom of expression and duties toward their nation "it reaffirms

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Freedom Foundation condemns incitements against Yemeni newspapers

Sana’a (29 April 2012) 

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen has condemned incitement campaign against Al-Ahali and Akhbar Alyawm Newspapers by sources that they claimed they affiliate to the military institution.

The sources further accused journalists of cooperation with Al-Qaeda operatives.

Freedom Foundation expresses sorrow as incitements against Al-Ahali were published in a number of local news websites, pointing out that the news story included warnings to the journalists and called to try editors of the newspapers before military courts.

Freedom Foundation views that the military institution was inappropriately included in this campaign, pointing out that any authority can go to the civil courts specialized in journalism cases if newspapers release incorrect new about it.

It further calls the military institution to be wise and reasonable in dealing with publication cases, urging , in the meantime, newspapers to verify their information prior to publication.

Freedom Foundation condemns attacks against journalists

Sana’a -28 April 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen has condemned the pursuit of the ournalist Mohmmad Al-Lawzi and the abduction of his son hours after armed men attacked another journalist, Khalid Raweh, director of Al-Jomhoria Newspaper branch in Hodeidah governorate on Thursday, April 26, 2012 .

The son of Al-Lawzi, 15 years, was subjected to abduction for five hours on Friday after three unidentified armed men threatened him with weapons and beat him.

Such attacks aim at intimidating journalists, asking the concerned authorities to unveil the criminals and hold them accountable.

Freedom Foundation expresses its solidarity with Al-Lawzi and Rawih, all Yemeni journalists and media practitioners who are subjected to such violations.

Freedom Foundation condemns assault on Alabsi and threats to Abu Alnasr and Almansoub

Sana’a (26 April 2012)

Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedom, rights and development condemns assault on the socialist photographer Wael Alabsi in Taiz city and threats to the Nasseriate journalist Fathi Abu Alnasr in Sana’a and to the independent journalist Abdul Qader Almansoub in Hudeidah during the past 2 days.

FF received reports on these incidents from these journalists and verified it, in which Fathi Abu Alnassr, based in Sana’a, received a phone call threat from an unidentified man, through restricted mobile phone number, because of his recently writings published in many Yemeni newspapers and websites.   

Meanwhile, the journalist Abdulqader Almansoub, based in Hudeidah city, also received a phone call threat from unidentified caller through landline phone number, as he reporting on many corruption issues in Hudeidah province. 

In Taiz city, the photographer of the Ishtiraki net (The socialist party news Website) Wael Alabsi was assaulted on his face from a security man in Taiz freedom square, in which caused a wound on his forehead and bleeding his face. 

The FF is calling upon the interior ministry and security authorities to investigate these attack and threats and punish the people behind it as well as protecting these journalists from any possible new assaults or threats.

The FF is confirming its solidarity with these journalists and with any other journalists may assault or threaten and it is ready to provide all of its support legally and advocacy.

Freedom Foundation condemns the army assaulting Mohamme Al-Maqaleh

 Sana'a 9 April 2012

 Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development in Yemen condemns the assaults against the veteran journalist Mohammed al-Maqaleh by military personnel during the visit of defense minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed to Almaqaleh neighborhood in Hayel street area in Yemeni capital, Sana'a.


 Freedom Foundation informed by Al-Maqaleh that "this assault happened while defense minister was leading the military committee in charge of removing the barriers and military roadblocks as a part of restoring the security situation inside capital Sana'a".

 "Iexpressed my unhappy views, as a citizen and journalist, to the defense minister, about the army stationed in our residential area; some soldiers were angry from me and started assaulting me with rifle butts and broken my car glass" Al-Maqaleh added.


 Al-Maqaleh explained that army soldiers were very angry from him because he said to them "all of you should get out from our neighborhood" as a kind of expressing popular anger over the army stationing in residential areas for several months.


 Freedom Foundation considered the assault against Al-Maqaleh as a violation against freedom of expression and as an illegal move towards journalists, and expressed its solidarity with Al-Maqaleh and call upon preventing this kind of violations against media freedom and freedom of expression.

Freedom Foundation condemns confiscating Annas newspaper

Sana'a 8 April 2012

Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development condemns the confiscation of the latest issue of Annas weekly independent newspaper, that allocated to Mareb province and the confiscation of the book

(Revolution of Yemen)  

Freedom Foundation informed by Annas newspaper that the Alazraqain army check pint, at the suburb of capital Sana’a, confiscated the copies of the latest issue of Annas newspaper which was allocated to Mareb province along with confiscating the book (Revolution of Yemen) of  the author Nasser Yahya

Freedom Foundation strongly condemns these illegal procedures which violate the press freedom and freedom of expression, and announce its solidarity with Annas newspaper and its staff

Freedom Foundation calls upon press freedom defender organizations and human rights organizations inside and outside Yemen to join action to prevent violations against press freedom and freedom of expression and make an end the confiscating of newspapers and publications 

Freedom Foundation launches Hotline for reporting on anti-media violations in Yemen

Freedom Foundation (FF) in Yemen launches a hotline to receive anti media-freedom violations 24hours/day 7days/week across Yemen to help local and international journalists and media.

The hotline announced today in a press conference held by the president of the foundation Khaled al-Hammadi along with head of the monitoring unit Moadh AL-Futih at the office of FF in Sana’a.

The hotline is 737 911 911 (cell phone) in addition to land line 01-53 90 90 and e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

According to al-Hammadi, “the hotline will receive all violations against media freedom and anti freedom of expression to advance situation of these values and promote human rights in Yemen”.

The aim of launching the hotline by FF is “to contribute in making voices of violated journalists reach strongly to the concern authorities in Yemen and to media as well as to media-freedom, press-freedom and human rights organizations inside and outside Yemen to resolve the cases of violation and prevent its escalation as an effort to make strong moves to reduce the violations as much as we can” al-Hammadi said.   

“The Hotline projects comes as a part of the monitoring programme of FF to contribute in preventing illegal violations against media from any side in Yemen through urgent action and carry out immediate media and rights campaigns locally and internationally and to provide legal support and advocacy for free to the violated journalists” he added.         

The Hotline of FF will provide its services to all violated journalists, media, freelancers, stringers, writers, fixers, bloggers, media students, etc. regardless their political background or their nationality since they are working in Yemen. 



Yemeni journalist sets up media freedom group


SANA’A, March 22 (Saba)- The Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedom, rights and development was inaugurated here on Thursday under the patronage of Human Rights minister H.E. Hooria Mashoor. 

Established by award-winning journalist Khaled al-Hammadi, the Freedom Foundation is a Yemeni volunteer non-profit non-government organization. 

Al-Hammadi has received the International Press Freedom Award 2011 from the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression as first ever Yemeni journalist get this award. 

The Freedom Foundation also launched its website on internet (freedomfoundation-yemen.org). 

It is working on media freedom, rights and media development to achieve its target of promoting human rights and developing democracy in Yemen. 

It monitors anti-media freedom violations and seeks to develop and strength media capabilities as a vital actor in rising awareness and advancing freedom, democracy and human rights in Yemen. 

Saba News Agency


Yemen Post: Launch of Freedom Foundation in Yemen's Capital


Yemen Post Staff 

Freedom Foundation was officially launched in Yemen after an anticipated wait on Thursday in Yemen's capital Sana'a. The foundation will focus on press and journalist rights as well as observe and report violations against the press. Freedom will also look into general rights complains in an effort to limit the human rights violations in the country.

"Our goals are plenty but we will mainly focus on documenting press violations in reaching our goal of raising the standards of media in Yemen," said Khaled al-Hammadi, founder and president of Freedom Foundation.

Minister of Human Rights Horia Mashyor welcomed the foundation launch and hoped that it can help decrease human rights violations in Yemen. "This is a mission that all of us have to help with. We are supporting all those who seek to spread rights awareness in society," said Mashyor.

Yemen saw mass human rights violations against media and journalists last year and rnked one of the worst countries in the region when it came to press freedom.

The launch was attended by numerous government officials and a large media presence.

Al-Hammadi, is a prominent Yemeni journalist who won numerous international press awards over the years, and is considered a pioneer in the field of media.



Freedom Foundation expresses its deep concern about the threats to Al-Ahali newspaper

The Freedom Foundation for media rights and freedoms in Yemen expressed its deep concern over the security threats targeted the journalists of Al-Ahali newspaper and its website, because of

publishing news reports recently.

The Editor-in-chief of Al-Ahali newspaper Ali Al-Jaradi informed the Freedom Foundation that he and the journalists of his newspaper "threatened by intelligence security authority, as a reaction of publishing news reports in the newspaper recently".  
Al-Jaradi said the threat "described as the (disciplinary decent) to the newspaper's journalists, and this threat may explain as killing threat".

The Freedom Foundation asked the security authority to respect its duty and carry its responsibility of protecting people rather than threatening them and avoid any hostility with journalists.

Freedom Foundation is condemning this threats and acts of lawless from the security authority which should do its effort to guarantee protection for citizens and not to make journalists subject to any risk, so they can carry out their professional duty in transparency without pressure from any one.
In the meantime, the Freedom Foundation condemns too the attack targeted the crew of Suhail TV by guarding-police of the House of Representatives during the crew trying to produce coverage for the meeting of the parliament, last Sunday.

The Freedom Foundation expresses its deep concern of a organized campaigns of threats and attacks targeting journalists and reporters and media organizations strive to cover news and providing information to the community, as a right of his rights in get access to information. 
The Freedom Foundation is worried about the media freedom situation in Yemen in which it is heading towards a real danger, to a point cannot be tolerated. And it reveals that they monitor all violations against journalists and media organizations in Yemen, as part of its core programs, including monitoring and advocacy.

Demands quick action and protection for him

Freedom Foundation: Life of BBC correspondent in Yemen in danger


The Freedom Foundation for Media Freedom, Rights & Development, Yemen based, followed up closely the issue of threats targeted the correspondent of BBC TV (Arabic Service) in Yemen, Abdullah Ghorab, which reached in some cases to threat of killing in a dangerous move discloses bad intentions in the continuing repression of the media and put media freedoms in critical situation.
According to Mr.Ghorab "I received many physical assaults and more than 23 threats some of them killing threats, kidnapping threats and abduction of my children and threats to cut my tongue out", which all these threats considered crimes against the media rights and freedom. 
The Freedom Foundation is expressing a deep concern over the suffering of Ghorab and carry the security agencies full responsibility for anything could happen to Ghorab and demanding protection for him as well as reveal who is behind these threats which has been going on for several months. 
Abdullah Ghorab informed us that he has many material evidences against the perpetrators of these threats, so we demand quick stop thm, to prevent those accused behind these threats from committing more attacks against Ghorab and put his life and his family in real risk. 

As we call on security agencies to stop these violations against media, we call on them to speed up their procedures so that we do not have to file a lawsuit in court against the perpetrators and those who may stand behind them. 
We are not here pointing fingers out of accusing anyone but we are completely concern of possible c
with the perpetrators and we blame the security services for failing in its duty towards the protection of citizens. 
We stress our demand to quickly take urgent and rapid intervention to stop the threats facing Ghorab and to prevent repeat targeting the media, who become an easy target for the upset of media coverage in a country where real freedom of expression and media freedom should guaranteed. 


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